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Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) - Notable Victories

Mr. Youngs has handled many Operating While Intoxicated cases, and taken many to trial as well. A few of the more notable victories are listed below:

Case 1: Acquittal, 36th District of Detroit

Client allegedly blew a .09 and a .08, and the breathalyzer machine did print out a ticket to that effect. However, the timing of the arrest and the administration of the test did not add up. Mr. Youngs grilled the arresting officers on the timeline and the breathalyzer logs, and then paraphrased Shakespeare’s “the lady doth protest too much” line in closing argument in reference to the officer’s phobic and false denial of the inconsistencies. The defendant received a not guilty verdict after the jury deliberated for less than an hour.

Case 2: Dismissal, 14th District of Ypsilanti.

This case was dismissed due to a lack of protocol, and invasive behavior on the part of the police involved. After invading the Defendant’s home and conducting a search without a warrant, OWI charges were brought. Mr. Youngs argued that the case was not founded in light of the illegal search. The breath alcohol evidence was suppressed, and the case was dismissed.

Case 3: Acquittal, 33rd District of Woodhaven.

This case came down to the Defendant’s performance on the field sobriety tests. Mr. Youngs is certified in SFST administration (standard field sobriety tests). After a thorough cross examination of each of the officers’ involvement in the administration of the tests, coupled with several contemporaneous demonstrations of what the officers graded as “failing,” the jury returned a not guilty verdict after deliberating for roughly an hour and a half.


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