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Michigan Medical Marijuana is emerging as a top new industry in our state. As a result, Attorney Paul C. Youngs has made Medical Marijuana Laws in Michigan a priority in order to protect the rights of caregivers and patients involved with Michigan Medical Marijuana. Attorney Paul C. Youngs has taught the Michigan Laws on Medical Marijuana, and lends insight on the effects of Medical Marijuana in The Great Lakes State.

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Attorney Paul C. Youngs has seen a lot since the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act passed overwhelmingly in November of 2008. And today, Michigan has over 96,000 registered Medical Marijuana patients (as noted by the Department of Community Health). An established trial attorney, Youngs is a 1998 graduate of the University of Detroit-Mercy Law School. Youngs focuses on Medical Marijuana Law matters as well as other criminal cases in Michigan.

Youngs started teaching the “ins and outs” of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act at Med Grow Cannabis College in Southfield, Michigan when it opened its doors in 2009:

It's interesting to see entrepreneurs making money in this emerging industry.

Mr. Youngs has also shared his knowledge of the law with students at the Medical Marijuana Academy in Commerce Township, Michigan:

The students (patients and caregivers) that I have taught want to learn the new law thoroughly so they can do the right thing and avoid trouble.

Being part of Medical Marijuana education in Michigan is something Youngs both enjoys and feels is important, stating:

These students are part of a new revenue stream for our state, one that can last.

Michigan has sprouted new educational facilities, grow shops, media publications, festivals, and other related business. The State of Michigan has already collected over 3 million dollars just for patient/caregiver registrations. Youngs points out:

This new-found source of revenue and economic activity certainly can’t hurt our ailing Michigan economy

As an expert in Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws, Youngs has made his opinion clear:

Without question, one of the biggest wastes of money here in Michigan, and one that unnecessarily backlogs our court system, is the prosecution of medical marihuana patients.

Youngs states with intensity:

Patients and caregivers are frequently arrested under dubious circumstances, with the courts being left to sort out these questionable arrests.

Youngs stated in a recent interview:

Given the mixed reception that the MMA (Medical Marihuana Act) has received, it can be an uphill battle even for those engaged in the clearly lawful possession of medical marijuana.” Furthermore, he states, it was the intent of voters to end the harassment of medical marijuana patients; but for some, it hasn’t worked out. There is no consistency in the application of the law, from county to county, or city to city. I wholeheartedly embrace judges that respect this law, and I hope the others will come on board!

As an example, Youngs cited the disparate treatment of medical marijuana as a condition of probation, stating:

Some courts allow it (medical marihuana) the same as any prescription drug, but others categorically prohibit it.

If you have any questions regarding Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws, or you need a dedicated and proven Michigan Medical Marijuana Attorney to represent you, contact Paul C. Youngs today (313) 388-1612.

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